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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm AST

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business update brought to you by cattle always going places together. the russian orthodox church is deep pockets in the rapid expansion may bear its crucial role in putin's grip on power with some elevating the former k.g.b. officer to saying to president putin as our leader that given time good people in power investigate how after which attempted elimination by the soviet union religion has returned to the heart of the russian state the orthodox connection at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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robin this is the al-jazeera news our life will headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes kurdish flags are coming down several towns of northern iraq back in control of the iraqi government forces. u.s. backed forces say that they're on the verge of taking full control of the syrian city of raka from ice so. you're looking at the bus exodus of a hidden gem refugees fleeing persecution to be about. just released almost six hundred thousand have crossed into neighboring bangladesh plus. good leaving no stone unturned somali rescuers look for survivors two days after the worst bomb attack killed over three hundred in the capital. i'm joining us today sports news including n.f.l. owners players and officials prepared to meet. take
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a stand against players. in the program. good to have you with us on the news hour we start in the middle east kurdish forces in northern iraq have suffered major territorial losses they've pulled out of several towns in the face of an advance by iraqi troops now the territory includes. all. the towns were seized by kurdish peshmerga in recent years after defeating eisel that are under the control of iraqi shia militias and government troops have also taken over all the oil fields near kirkuk iraqi forces moved into the contested city on monday it's all part of an operation ordered by the prime minister to take back held areas which lie outside the kurdish autonomous region welching military is that they along with the shia militia groups
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are now in full control of all the main towns in the disputed areas around the kurdish region as an old iraq that the peshmerga have controlled between two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and sixteen and there are huge questions being asked about how this is happened so fast how the iraqi army seemingly have achieved their aims with such little resistance from the patient despite only a couple of days ago there being a unified stance from the k r g in saying that they were going to defend these areas until the very last fighter this is how the story unfolded around the oil rich city of kirkuk. the kurdish flag no longer flies in the center of kirkuk. the city now officially back in the hands of the iraqi government. it's forces that
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made a rapid advance launched in the middle of the night fifteen hours later the industrial area airports military base and critical all fields were under the control of iraqi forces. soon after they marched into the center of the city. iraqi officials were quick to declare victory but. the joint military operation was launched at dawn and progress significantly as the troops approached the area to crete and the north oil company were confronted by some rebels who tried to hinder the progress of the advancing units turned five in silence the fourth thank god today we have achieved all our goals according to our plan. the u.s. military which a trained both sides in this dispute trying to downplay the escalation in a statement blaming the firefight on the darkness calling it a misunderstanding. but kurdish fighters painted a different picture of what was happening on the ground. now the moment i don't
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know what is happening exactly because we have been in the fight since four in the morning in the areas of tasa we have suffered casualties including martyrs and now we have withdrawn into this position and some of the other forces have pulled out they didn't fire a single shots and that's ok but when the seventh brigade holding up a system here. thousands fled the city as the forces approached mixed in among them kurdish fighters now as the u.s. urges dialogue and calm the question is what's next will iraqi forces and their militias pursue the kurdish people and fight is that answer will have an impact here and around the globe oil prices are climbing with the news the possibility. of a civil war perhaps in iraq with kurdish forces fighting both iraqi army and possibly iranian militias. did not play well with the with the well so traders and so the
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perception is that prices will rise. until that's what we've meant risky is completely character russia was saying understood most world powers at will the kurdish regional government and not to go ahead with a non-binding referendum where the majority of people voted for the session from iraq now the people of this region and their government finding out there is a very real price to be paid in this search for independence. a lot of the pressure now is on the barzani government and already there are fingers being pointed at him of blame there is there are allegations very serious allegations being made by the kurdish regional government that members officials within the p.c. u.k. policy did a deal with the iraqi government and the iranians and that's why we saw such little resistance certainly in areas where there were many p k affiliated pace fighters
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it's also interesting to note that a former senior aide in the p k party is a man called bonhomme saw there has called for a transitional government here in the k r g a saying that it's necessary that barzani goes so that a form of dialogue better dialogue better relations can be established between this kurdish region and baghdad we've heard absolutely nothing so far from president barzani since this book can only be described as a route from these disputed areas and so the pressure on him melts and it seems as if basically the kind of political makeup and the relationship between baghdad and the k r g could potentially change very much in the weeks and months to come when we see what does have to come back to charles and it does develop thank you. he's a research fellow at the middle east institute at the national university of
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singapore joins me live from baghdad now a very interesting a very quick developments happening in northern iraq it does make you wonder whether baghdad is laying the groundwork for something bigger or are they just sending a very strong signal to bell about that potential intentions. yes i'm not sure how much me there can get on. the disputed territories have been retaken by the iraqi state and i think the events of the last couple of days have shown just the extent to which regional powers will stand in the way of kurdish independence i thought it was particularly noticeable how surprising how how how quickly turkey iran and iraq. arrived at a consensus to work together and there's no way that this happened without the iranians and the turks coordinating with baghdad so i think in the last day it's not so much what this baghdad have in store but one is left of the dream of iraqi
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beg your pardon kurdish independence would seem such a realistic dream not that long ago now it's completely in tatters it has been an absolute blunder to call this referendum which has highlighted the depth of division within the k r g within called the star and also has highlighted the just how long the odds are shown when it comes to regional dynamics. if you do you think . quarters of the kurdish political. parties that are willing to begin dialogue with baghdad is it something that baghdad is willing to listen to is willing to talk to maintain the status quo also perhaps make the all told to be that actually has so far. as i see it there's divisions not just between the two main kurdish parties but within them as well and what is clearly happened is that one branch of the p u k.
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put its eggs and the baghdad basket seeing that this referendum was going to go nowhere saying that this referendum was going to open a pandora's box and unite regional powers against the chaos and so we're seeing that branch of the p u k working with or so it seems thus far at least now what's on the table it's difficult to say at this point. obviously the independence issue of independence is off the table further autonomy is off the table it's a little to see what's going to come next after this and what's going to happen to the to the p. and muscled but isn't it because his personal. credibility has suffered tremendous tremendous blow as a result of all of this if we get to a stage where we have the autonomous kurdistan in iraq perhaps just said to get self whether it be politically or militarily is there a concern that push local forces that are fighting i saw.
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groups in the area may fall back to defend and this is why america at the moment is talking about trying to cool the temperature of the region is it as easy as that. well certainly the temperatures need to be cooled down i am concerned about an all out war between iraqi state forces and peshmerga for one thing the pressure been shown to be very as divided as kurdish politics it's difficult to imagine a united kurdish front emerging out of this and as i said certain branches certain wings of the kurdish political elites are cutting their losses and trying to. secure their interests through working with baghdad through dialogue with baghdad so i don't see that happening having said that the longer this continues clearly some this does potentially open up the room in the space for.
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to make a comeback in certain certain areas so long as military resources are devoted to securing for example so it depends how long this goes on and sort of can that temperature be be brought down to use your phrase it will see what happens for the moment for the hundred. joining us sir. now to syria where u.s. backed forces say that i saw fighters in all the verge of being completely removed from russia itself capital of the region the our group has controlled the air from all the three years that's true it has brought us the latest for us taqiyya the turkey syria border this news was actually developing just a short while ago conflicting reports as to whether the authorities actually have full control of what are you hearing i should. say we've been in touch with sources in in iraq and they have just confirmed to us
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that iraq is fully and the control of the city at which is a coalition of kurdish. fighters backed by the united states of america today the last major push and they managed to capture a stadium hospital for other neighborhoods and the fighting has come to weather and what is happening on the ground is basically this. is deploying. to those areas to clear them from potential. buildings and ensure the areas are safe for them to allow people back to those areas we're expecting an announcement by the military in the coming hours to say officially that this is over by the sources that we've been talking to have come to us over iraq is now fully under the control of the well of course much of this is
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a huge blow to ice all certainly psychologically for those that are fighting in that area and those support. train of thought from beyond the borders of where we are in the middle east. and. yes indeed so hale i still was hoping to use a rock as a platform. to further expand in places like. hammer tax and live and this explains why these self-proclaimed have their own capital in syria back in two thousand and fourteen when this went through a huge swathes of land in iraq and also in syria that narrative has been with when you see there is some part of the country which was basically an i still stronghold they've lost a audience three days ago which is a city in their cars or there is a push by the syrian military now in the us all and they are capturing more territory and there's another push by the s.d.f. from the north towards the us or i still is left with places like. or.
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book on the border with iraq the problem now is that they cannot hold territory for quite long because it's a very vast desert landscape and for them they won't be able to send any reinforcements or pull out in huge numbers because as i said this is an exposed land and therefore the potential for russian or american strikes targeting those convoys it is a really high the loss of the capture of the of iraq by the last the f. is definitely a major setback for ice that in syria we can definitely say that the captain of my says this is. this is definitely going to be the beginning of the end for i say in syria. should vote for joining us let's go over there teach about the shale he'll take a look back at idle flight for aka. the capture of rock by ice on three thousand
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and fourteen was hailed by the arm as a major achievement back then i saw said it demonstrated its strength as it continued to expand across syria and iraq it declared its capital in syria setting up ports prisons and other institutions but all of this was against the will of the people. i suppose emergence in the. low to the syrian opposition and the free syrian army who had previously controlled the area their fighters were forced to retreat and president bashar assad was able to validate his claim that his troops were fighting what he called terrorists and not legitimate opposition in turn an international coalition was formed to fight the group led by the united states and in coordination with russia whose forces had been sent into syria to help prop up the flailing regime the coalition and russia launched hundreds of air strikes in a bid to defeat eisel but many civilians were killed in the process on the ground the offensive to expel eisel from iraq i was being led by the y p g a kurdish
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faction supported and armed by washington while they managed to make large advances that true was at the expense of the syrian opposition who accuse the group of expelling the indigenous arab residents in order to pave the way for future kurdish states. why p.g. has links with the kurdistan workers party or p k k n armed group in truckee which i care considers to be a terrorist organization some believe that despite the y.p. g.'s success in expelling i saw from the group will not be able to achieve its goal of autonomy see that the kurds and they were definitely overstretched they could by an area that they constitute a minority of twenty five to thirty percent compared to seventy percent now that i saw has been pushed out from the many will declare this the end of the armed group but others disagree we are witnessing. the. but
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that doesn't mean i will be destroyed. remain. a self. and lebanon i saw is not an ordinary group its methods are both horrifying and unconventional it doesn't have a membership process for example anybody who wants to kill or maim can do so and then attribute those attacks to the group and that's what makes defeating i saw seemed so impossible now whilst expanding its members is significant the riddle need to deal with the root causes that push young men to join such a group. while still a lot of hurting more of the fall of. the present. the city of the liberated from an isolated group despite the fighting that still continues plus.
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it's what company is inspiring and developing to get back into the work place after having children also. to. i. lookee steps up just where the new york yankees needed him joe has the action it's . rather you would says the the birth of your refugees who fled violence and be a bar has visited to five hundred eighty two thousand its released drove videos to highlight the scale of the bass exodus over here just to bug. they're escaping a military crackdown to state the u.n. has described the situation as ethnic cleansing took the child raise our correspondent following their divorce is live for us a big
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a bar right or bug with russia's border with beard bar when we look at those drone images van i do you see the birds while it just takes your breath away absolutely and now if you can see behind me. just thousands of people in a pedophile and right behind them is that me and my daughter and they're not forever now this corroborates what they're drawn for that shows that thousands of people are still waiting on the me on my side trying to cross into bangladesh and many of these people actually crossed into bangladesh on sunday night and monday morning that's just yesterday and they're stranded now in the pedophile because the authorities want to lead them in right now they will take them into the refugee camps in area which is fifteen miles fifteen kilometer rather north of here but this is a broader area they've been given food and basic essential by the n.g.o.s and international aid agencies but there are many of them you can see are stranded in
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the open sky there isn't a camp a them there are some small shanty camps with tarpaulin on the top that's about eight now we know that you know and it's said that the number of people crossed into has now crossed into about five hundred eighty two thousand that shows attacks staggering number of people cross there within the last forty eight days probably the fastest influx of refugees in the world ever you know and this rolling number of people coming in every day on an average of two thousand to four thousand according to authorities there seems to end on all apparently appear that trying to clean everybody was in western iraq i know because some of their effigy as we spoke to said that look there is no food stored there there's no aid agencies and we are stranded there in the home so we tried to get away from it because if we see the security forces see our data shoot out or take you know that beat us and things like usual story we haven't heard from them so everyone wants to come to this side because they are hard that they're getting shelter and food in the bang of their
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sides a very very dreadful situation indeed indeed there rather about ten years ago you would both reported on the say to the plight of the writing getting caught up along . and i remember very clearly the location is one of complete utter misery in a very small space alone does what the authorities are planning to do now if they can in terms of trying to look after the immense numbers that are coming over and over spilling as you say into rice paddy fields just behind you. indeed it was two thousand and eight you and me both were covering there's an official refugee camp and the condition is was as bad as it is now actually nothing as improve you still have those bomb bamboo poles with tarpaulin on the top some basic lettering and from one hand to build up the body of another government on thursday actually the relief and disaster minister he said that he is planning to take all these refugees into one native. and accommodate up to eight hundred
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thousand people right now they have accommodated two thousand a carrot for the refugee that said we're going to get on one thousand acres of forest land and build a sort of like it's nothing more than a benevolent concentration camp if that's what's going to happen and that number of people living in such a small densely area and it wouldn't for us is more than the population of washington d.c. how they're going to manage that to give benefit of doubt to them there so that look if you go in and one plays in a particular place it's much more easier to organize relief operation give them aid and keep them you know going into other parts of buying of those because they cannot ward they cannot move into other parts of bangladesh the basically restricted in their refugee camps as it is you know we'll see what the some of the . the rules have also been held for twelve or injure a few g.'s hollis's the children they drove. to the bay of bengal. village
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. the stuff that could go rescue crews in somalia. it was three days after the worst attack in the country's history three hundred twelve people were killed and hundreds of judith's of truck bulb explosion ripped through the heart of the capital lupus who together reports. it's a search to recover bodies and perhaps to find survivors rescue workers hope there still life under these piles of rubble. twenty four hours after the explosion we found a young man who was alive the first thing i asked for was a phone so he could call his family he will continue to look for survivors for as long as it takes. more than three hundred people died in saturday's bombing attack in mogadishu scores are still missing. and his family were nearby when the car exploded he hasn't seen his brother since then. my brother and his wife very near the blast that is still. very about what if they survive it we've gone to
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the sea and all the hospitals but still nothing. many families are left with only questions not knowing whether to grieve or hang on to hope. my son had a pharmacy. where the tragedy happened we still don't know where he is dead or alive he had she wives and twelve children he was a sole breadwinner. for survivors international help has arrived military planes take these victims to turkey where they'll receive specialized treatment with limited resources and medical supplies local hospitals are struggling. in my career as a doctor i've never seen anything like this they were burned bodies all over the place hundreds of fatalities were registered at medina hospital countless are injured. countries like kenya ethiopia and qatar are offering logistical help
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locals are also doing what they can retrieving bodies from the rubble providing food and water for emergency workers. but they are also angry hundred six to the streets to protest the attack they blame the armed groups fighting the government and. african union peacekeepers insight somalia. it was a message i've never seen anything like it in the last twenty seven years i saw a little boy's head lying on the ground it was shocking. no one has yet claimed responsibility but speaking to al jazeera and al shabaab spokesman refused to confirm or deny responsibility the president who visited the scene blames what he calls terrorists targeting innocent civilians. the shock has now turned to anger pain and frustration as somalis deal with the deadly aftermath and all rising death toll. now. let's go straight to beheaded our correspondent
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who's in these. just bring us up to speed what we know when or where you are right now. well. the scene of the bombing you lost to the rescue workers are still sifting through that about trying to look for bodies and. hopefully anyone might be alive under the rubble the death toll on. the number four hundred in the last hour the rescue workers managed to recover one hoss and pushes but still alive they say the death toll is bound to. the form. that was. looking for their loved ones.
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will be some of the members want to make. me. ask you workers from alpha comedian that mission is from somali national deficit to conflict is represented in the british big numbers are also helping the using. somewhat. using. to try and break some walls upon the other side behind me. trying to get to see whether they can persecute. get more bodies. to rescue or recovery operation continues. he's the special u.n. envoy to say. good to have you with us mr keating on the program the brutality of this truck bomb attack. shows two things the extent of meticulous planning by the
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assailants by the government to secure the capital obviously is a. concern when you're trying to find peace for the country. it's truly terrible i mean this is as you correspondent said the worst. explosion in somalia if the death toll continues to mount it may turn out to be the most destructive i.e.d. ever not only in somalia but in africa and possibly worldwide it's really appalling . ironically it comes at the end of a period in which security has actually been improving in mogadishu and one of the lessons of this is no matter how hard you try to improve security as we've learned in other cities around the world you remain vulnerable to people who are determined to do these things i think now is the time to focus on the victims to support the
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response effort which has been truly extraordinary the solidarity among people has been inspiring but as your question implies at a certain point you know tough questions are going to be asked about the significance of this. and what can be done to prevent this kind of thing happening again. as you say has not claimed responsibility but it has all the hallmarks one question is whether you know this was actually their target or were they trying to find another target and this went off prematurely we don't know but i think the point is that a means has to be found to defeat al shabaab to prevent this kind of thing happening again and i have to say that it's popular revulsion against what's happened is is very impressive and i don't think that bodes well at all for our chances of attracting support in the future and of course mr keelty there has to be a solution found to try and deal with al-shabaab and security you know the finger
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of blame has to go towards the government the president himself. and the security services are not blaming them in any shape or form but the focus will have to be there in terms of security over market issue and there lies the problem when you. different government ministries controlled by different clan members there is an internal rivalry within the somali government that has to be dealt with and they in turn have to deal with someone like you in the un to try and find a way forward to maintain the peace that has been robbed from somalia for decades. well look you're right i mean having had three decades of conflict and violence in which institutions have broken down and which trust between people is very low the challenge is to build effective institutions which are trusted by all the public institutions which don't belong to one clan or one sub clan but belong to everyone
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and the good news is that this relatively new federal government has committed itself to a what's called a national security architecture to do precisely that and this is in a way a reminder that that has to happen as quickly as possible somalia cannot afford to have a you know security forces which are internally riven which doesn't have a clear command and control and which all the people who work for the army or the police or the intelligence are working for a national cause so really what this underscores is the fundamental importance of solidarity among somalis somalia's political leaders and its power brokers if this kind of thing is to be stopped in the meantime you know that will take time in the meantime everything needs to be done to secure the cities you know and. despite the big improvements as i said in the last six months or so what used to be done things like this i'm afraid are still going to happen indeed they are
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hopefully not too often for the moment turnbuckle keating there the u.n. special envoy to somalia with the said thank you so. we'll have the weather with rob also had. we'll bring you the latest from china's ruling communist party congress where delegates are deciding who set to run the country and it's all eyes on top of this baby about harry kate a head of a heavyweight champions league clash place details with joe it's paul. hello this is where we left the remains of hurricane ophelia yesterday the storm biggest storm in living memory to hit all of that curl of cloud interesting jets when the winds come dive from above and hit the ground one hundred fifty hundred sixty kilometers per hour that's what happened in r.
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and since then the last twelve hours twenty four hours the things got across scotland the strongest winds across the highlands of scotland and that law is going to subpoena across the norwegian sea to norway probably within the next twelve hours and then after that all becomes quiet in this part of northwestern europe the calm after the storm well that's where the big story was from the point of view of wins but actually probably the biggest story is what's happening in spain and portugal you're probably aware of the fire is this is the second big outbreak in portugal this year they were going to go last year this year northwestern spain many of which apart you started deliberately there manta of smoke is put into the atmosphere biomass burning combined with the sand that came out of the sahara meant that yesterday skies in northern europe this is the city of london where particularly weird that's real color look here in london that's how past three in the afternoon and it was still with there this morning in belgium the sky well the east the sun was already this morning in belgium still what's in the atmosphere
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however the generally good news is that the source of a lot of that spain in porto is not getting rain on top of those fires. a family business handed down from generation to generation but when this funeral director retires will his son continue the tradition i don't think he was actually before just like i don't feel like i was actually built for a difficult choice for an al-jazeera producer caught between two worlds well it's really by tending to the dead to the living a better an intimate portrait of an industry most encounter only fleetingly al-jazeera correspondent death in the family at this time when the news breaks. back. from. the street. and the story builds steam much better marketers. when people need to be head they thought they were americans until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera
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has teams on the ground to bring the model and would winning documentaries and live news on air and online. welcome back you're watching out there is news a reminder of our top stories the syrian city of raka has been retaken from eisel fighters by u.s. backed syrian forces civilians have been fleeing leisel solve the cloud capital for weeks fighting for the city intensified over the days also kurdish forces are suffering huge territorial losses it is a day after government troops seized the northern city of kirkuk withdrawn from the
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tiles of sin. as well as giving up control of several poil fields. the un says the number of refugees who fled violence it would be a bad person risen to five hundred eighty two thousand its release drone footage to highlight the scale of the mass exodus of ranger to bangladesh they're escaping a military crackdown in iraq even state the un has described the situation as ethnic cleansing. so rucka was the episode all that ice all stood for and sought to project to the world a place where the group could carry out their worst atrocities are challenged and inflict their broadest terror on an entire city it was the first city to fall to
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isolate twenty forty the group violently installed its own government take control of all aspects of life use strict dress codes were imposed bedded women and i saw published anyone who did could fall then came the public executions of the racket became notorious for anyone who resisted their rule was all ideology was rounded up and killed in city squares will be accused of sex outside marriage were dragged into the streets and publicly stowed to death videos were posted by the group of men who were accused of being gay throwed from the top of buildings and the viciousness did of their bodies on the posts fences that are brought about sides for days abetted to anyone who would dare cross them that he would for a biology group said abroad were taken to the city to become i saw brides sex slaves for the fighters the children too were brainwashed their schools shut down or they were forced from your gauge to become the next generation of i saw fighters . back to breaking news old the fall of iraq board is
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a billet where the list via skype from. this would be bed to use for those that have been fighting i saw i mean what's the impact of loosing rocka certainly to that bulletin group i think it's a great victory for little bee. especially after you mention it used to be the central planning. in europe mainly and the also. very a more important growth struggle. but the most important thing is to rebuild it again because it's be completely don't want to push it. so it's very hard to go back and live. rebuild again. it's very second part is. should go on. it's not that might lead
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to. clashes and see what's happening currently. but standing. most of us put on can't. be more really it's been given by the tribes. or an inside joke. just to get more analysis on really where we go from here because obviously one of the main concerns for those fighting i saw fighters will be those that slip out of their fingers those that they have a skate got across the border perhaps what sort of a concert is that for the outlying forces that have surrounded the whole area. well the only thing left to do is to sort it out twenty percent on the. ice and it's control and. you get made in cities. so that
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a living there will be going to come but just the last resort it will be in the distance. but with the success of the iraqi forces. now they can malls do. to control the border to syria and do that which is another bulletin board well for the this is a better place it's finished but like an idea they might go to the and ground movement and they will appear again in that different for. they have to work on that part specially in. the standard it's caves and central so we will still have some operation. conducted by. we will see what happens to their rocket in the coming days for the bow but thanks very much for joining us by board in about the philippine president says his military has
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liberated the southern city of borrowing after a five month battle against eiseley fighters present will go to turkey says the city has been freed from what he called terrorists but his military says the fighting is still continuing with cuba day after to see the dissolve the isolated group were killed. or ball or the thousand people or so that have been killed in the conflict which has displaced as many as four hundred thousand to allow the good choice. conflicting statements from the military from the president but that's going to be told going i think from the start of this operation how should we read what what each is saying. well what this was was a fairly organized event deliberate where are we just tell you we had no idea that the flag raising ceremony was going to happen today we knew it was going to happen any time this week we were just told to get in the truck and actually go to ground
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zero where the president together with the soldiers for the first time managed to conduct the flag raising ceremony the thing the national anthem and to read the oath of nationalism there but you know the significance of this event is not lost on the soldiers you know precisely because this is one of the hardest bad those they have ever fought over there in recent years since the crisis began in that i would have lost more than one hundred soldiers they admit know that their mouth there may now be lead their lives but they have to look at the just the major issue here which is the issue of radicalism the death of the two leaders of them out there does not signal the end of the existence of the mouth a group history has always thought that the groups like this one have always managed to have a leader or either form or join other groups so there is still some cautious optimism on the ground here coming from civilians and local government officials. are always. part of
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a three country tour of east asia to be bit her the people's president and prime minister to discuss trade of bilateral relations. is of course will be covering the state visit. hard to believe that he won't also be talking about the coverage g.c.c. crisis that's affecting. yes i heard the g.c.c. crisis has always been in the background here today even during the economy discussions during the singapore qatar photo that has just concluded its activities right where i am the minister of commerce has talked about the fact that after one hundred twenty days of blockade qatar has become stronger and qatar has become much more of an opportunity for other trade partners like singapore he has called on singapore and other nations to seize the opportunity saying that few years from now people will look back and say wow that was a great opportunity qatar has now has opened its doors for more nations we know
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that the ties between kind of ties between singapore and qatar amount to three point four billion dollars that's as lost as you know last year and now it is growing many more companies are coming the qataris are investing more in in singapore and vice versa so the g.c.c. crisis is very much at the core of what's happening here because qatar like singapore and remember the two are small nations as the minister said today small nations that are prosperous but that are challenged by much bigger neighbors are around them so the with the two countries have much in common the delegations have been at each other eating today and a much more commerce and much more business between them would only help both countries become much more independent and less reliable our neighbors or others and less likely to give in to any pressure from outside for the. whole of the state visit of the qatari
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a bit thank you. while staying in the region china's ruling communist party says it will but it will lot drive global market reforms and set choosing to focus all business at home the couple surveyed a day ahead of the nineteenth party congress more than two thousand party delegates are set to decide who will run the country president xi jinping is expected to be a part is a bishop for china further tighten his grip on power of brown his ball from beijing . xi jinping is a confident leader confident enough to be carrying out the biggest of a shake up of the communist party that has ruled china through most seven decades. the unprecedented overhaul includes the people's liberation army until now untouchable three hundred thousand troops have been dismissed and top generals ousted with many accused of corruption combating graft in the military is part of
1:47 pm
a wider cleanup more than one point four million high and low ranking officials have been brought down including some regarded as political rivals she's also taken a hard line against dissent with a string of labor rights lawyers and social activist jailed many people have compared him to mao tse-tung but i think he simply doesn't mesh measure up to the to the cameras and because. people fear him much more than people respect or love him and all of his power has the right from the fact that he has been very fact if in using the anticorruption operators according to precedent she should now be starting his second and final term in office but that seems unlikely supremacies at this congress appears assured he already holds more titles than any of his predecessors president party secretary head of the military and corps leader and he could be in line for a new title chairman. lucia chin is
1:48 pm
a commentator who reflects government thinking he says she offers continuity in an uncertain world i think that she gave me still available and she has a chance to extend a fish terms longer than a term of fifteen i can hear three of us like a night. germany so i think if we find a good candidate a good leader why we should not keep did i say life possible. in the streets people we spoke to echoed that view. of course i hopes you will be reappointed she is the very best in this term at the v.a. are very satisfied as long as she is beneficial to the motherland he should be selected for several terms. in my life has improved and the my family secada me conditions better so we can show more president she has said he wants to make china
1:49 pm
stronger and more prosperous his message appears to be this i need more time to make that happen adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. a u.s. soldier held by the taliban for five years has pleaded guilty to a day during his call brights but bergdahl deserted his post in afghanistan in two thousand and nine was captured soon after several u.s. soldiers were seriously injured when they tried to rescue him he was released in twenty fourteen as part of a prisoner swap deal to go to the above the administration is facing life in prison . well still ahead here on al-jazeera tiger woods gets the green light to make his comeback to golf joe will be here with all of the sport.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
but about kids type of sport has checked so iow thank you very much n.f.l. team owners will meet players and league officials in new york on cheese day to try and fix some major issues plaguing america's most popular sports that's all pi's him on the agenda is what to do about players protesting during the national anthem the debate between freedom of speech and patriotism has played out on football fields across the country and on monday the man behind the movement quarterback calling kappa nick turned up the heat by filing a lawsuit gabriel is owned by reports he's only twenty nine years old and widely considered still in the prime of his playing career but he can't find a job former n.f.l. quarterback calling kaepernick believes there's
1:52 pm
a good reason for that and he's filed a formal complaint accusing the national football league and the owners of the thirty two professional football teams of colluding to keep him off the playing field but it definitely is rattling for the league if this case goes through if he's able to prevail in this and prove that there was collusion among the owners to keep the league there is a very serious ramifications for the n.f.l. kaepernick has been unemployed since opting out of his contract with the san francisco forty nine er's earlier this year last year he launched what has become a movement when he took a need during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racism this season some other players continue to do the same in solidarity this weekend's games were no exception and act of freedom of expression for them but not in the eyes of president donald trump once monday again commented about it you're disrespecting our flag and you're disrespecting our country and the n.f.l.
1:53 pm
should a suspended. some of these players the n.f.l. brings in about nine billion dollars a year making it the most lucrative sports league in the world attendance and t.v. ratings were already in decline but there are signs that the controversy may be adding to the n.f.l. as well average ratings for the first five weeks of the two thousand seven hundred season are just over fifty million viewers that's a seven percent drop in the same period last season and in more worrying eighteen percent drop from the more than eighteen million viewers in two thousand and fifteen and that could all have a knock on effect for the amount t.v. companies and advertisers are willing to pay the n.f.l. the owners just don't like the distraction the more that it starts to threaten their business model than of course the league is going to be upset now n.f.l. bosses and team owners are set to huddle in this new york hotel for two days to try
1:54 pm
to come up with a response to the growing controversy they wish would just go away gabriel is on doe new york to smash hits of the neil yankees back into baseball's american league championship series todd fraser fired a three run home run in the second inning to give the home side the advantage against the system that strays then upsets a rookie to say let our intelligence with another three one high run is the yankees one to one hundred sinhalese a series two one. going to chance to play baseball as your day. to deliver my dream . so you know you get take the ups with the downs you know you can have all the good you know i can come out here and have a thousand you know you know i want to it's baseball you know i got enjoy the good times and the bad times and you know what i kind of picked up on from my teammates and they've always supported me all year you know through the good times and bad times and you know like i said i can the chance to play in the l.c.s.
1:55 pm
for the new york yankees it's a dream come true to football's on opposing teams in the heavyweight clash of the u.a.e. for champions league later on tuesday christiane are now those defending champions real madrid will be keeping a close eye on top of hotspur striker harry kane englishman is the leading scorer in the group stages a header for an l.t.r. with five goals in two games cain's been linked with a belief to royal but his manager hopes he's inspired by francesca totties twenty four year career at italian club roma that again was so emotional when he saw the. last game. of thirty. that's only played one club right he was very emotional what they say. of the same guy really. look i said this is a look at i don't know his future but what i can speak to you about is the present
1:56 pm
and what he is doing he is an essential planner for tottenham he is very good in every field what he does is with the idea of reaching the go he is not static he always builds speight and looks for the spice and that is good his complete plan he doesn't look like that but he is. twenty cities manager has been talking up his champions league opponents the english premier league leaders are at home says holly and said they are table top as napoli man city smoked stark sevens here on saturday but pep guardiola is full of admiration for napoli. i like to watch it up only when i'm sitting there in my home watching how deeply i like many many things about him so and. so. i like i like towards him to play and to morrow is a big this for us for me as celtic manager that would be eight european teams will find out shortly here they'll play for
1:57 pm
a place at next year's world cup only four spots are available from the playoffs the draw will take place in zurich in just over an hour with the teams divided into two parts now those run tie it in the world will be seeded and that is going to be switzerland italy croatia and denmark the second part features northern ireland sweden republic of ireland and greece now the teams will then play home and away in mid november with the winners booking their place at russia twenty eighty ok well six months after surgery on his back tiger woods has been given the green light to return to golf with no restrictions by his doctor woods posted this video on monday dropping his biggest one yet that he's ready to step back up to the table according to his agent fourteen time major champion saw his doctor at the end of last week to get the good news he's taking his return slowly with no formal announcement yet on when he'll make his professional comeback woods hasn't played since withdrawing from a tournament in dubai in february. and as for now i have more feel but thanks
1:58 pm
so very much joe. follow our website at al-jazeera dot com news views and it's updated twenty four hours a day that was the al-jazeera news the rain is next for the full half hour to learn from jamie and the team thanks for your time and your company.
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right. for years japanese have gone into countries lush course for what they call. green or forest baby thirteen years ago dr lee was one of the first to conduct research on forced bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system. a lot of fine to side or essential oil is found in the forest my research has shown that forest trying to size reduces stress hormones can relax us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe this forest in the state of medicine. oh is it
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a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane the winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on saturday i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. u.s. back forces say they've taken full control of the syrian city of iraq.


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